Mentoring DVD

Mentoring DVD




Mentoring can be a valuable tool to help coaches and officials improve their knowledge, skills and confidence. Having suitably skilled mentors is essential to ensure coaches and officials recieve a positive mentoring experience. This DVD features three short videos that can be used when training mentors.


Features & Specs         

  •           Published 2009
  •           Duration: 12.09 minutes


Click a title to watch the video online for free via the Ausport YouTube channel


Mentoring - the initial meeting

Highlighted in this video are the roles of the mentor and mentee in establishing a mentoring relationship. Duration: 3.21 minutes


Mentoring in action

In this video, a mentor works with a coach and provides specific feedback on areas identified by the mentee. Duration: 3.28 minutes


Mentoring feedback

 A major role of a mentor is giving feedback. This video shows how mentors can provide feedback on a mentee's performance. Duration: 5.20 minutes

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